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Frequently Asked Questions for The Spa

  1. How do I Make an An appointment?, Can I Book Online?
  2. Can I Buy Gift Certificates Online?
  3. How do I dress for services?
  4. Do the technicians accept Tips Are they Included & how much is normal?
  5. What is Spa Etiquette?
  6. Where are you Located, When do I show up and How is the best way to get There?

How do I Make an Appointment? Can I Book Online?

View our Menu, Decide what services you want then Call 865-908-0786 , If your having a party with multiple guests please get your list together before calling. Note: A Credit Card Or Gift Certificate is required to secure appointments Please review our Reservation Policy.

You Can Book Online Limited Services, and Our Spa's will only allow 36 Hours in advance or later on our Online Booking System(for Earlier Availability or Parties of 3 or More Please Call to Book (865) 908-0786.).   Please Use Your Mobile Phone as a Return Number, And we will Call within 24-48 Hours if we Have an Overbooking, or can not accommodate a special request.

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Can I Book Online or Buy Gift Certificates Online?


Gift Certificates May be Purchased online are redeemable for 5 Years, and You Can Print Choose The Style, Print Or Email them INSTANTLY! Or Choose A Future Date For Email Delivery!

Instant Online Gift Certificates or Book Online - Click Here

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How Do I Dress?

Just wear whatever you have on, if you have multiple services a robe and a locker will be furnished to you. We ask you remove all clothing for all body treatments massage, wraps, sugar scrubs etc) removing underpants/panties is optional. Also necklaces, watches & hoop earrings should be removed for body treatments. You will be appropriately covered for each service.

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Do the technicians accept Tips are they included & How much is Normal?

Tips are not included in service prices, Tips are Optional Some exceptions For prepays and parties Call For Details). Although 99% of our Clients give tips, the normal range is 15-20%. 100% of your tip goes directly to the technicians who performed your services, and you can specify how much goes to whom.

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What is Spa Etiquette?

There is a mutual respect between technicians and clients any discourse is not acceptable from either party. Clients must respect the quiet areas of the spa, as they would like for themselves(Cell Phones and Loud conversation should be taken outside). We respect your privacy, and any forms filled out are confidential and for internal use only, so our technicians know the best course of action for your treatments. If You have any concerns during a treatment, the technician should be made aware of them immediately, so they can be addressed, as nothing can be done after you leave The Spa.

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When Should I Show Up & what's the best way to get there?


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