Green Tea Salt Bath- Sooth the mind as you soften and refresh the skin. Sooth the mind with the aromatic fresh sent of green tea, Jasmine, and rose while natural emollients moisturize and refresh dry skin. This treatment begins with a full body dry brushing, then its time to step into a warm soothing aromatic 20 minute salt bath. Followed by a 15, 30, or 60 minute full body massage using naturally moisturizing grape seed oil, leaving the body and mind refreshed and the skin soft and smooth.

Herbal Bath Relax in a warm bath seeped with an aromatic herbal blend to reduce stress while detoxifying the body. You will begin with a full body dry brushing to remove lose dry flaking skin then for 20 minutes bathe your cares away in a warm herbal combination to balance, relax and detoxify your body, Followed by a soothing 15, 30, or 60 minute grape seed oil massage leaving your skin soft and smooth.


Herbal or salt bath with 15 minute massage $55.00 approximate time 45 minutes.

 Herbal or salt bath with 30 minute massage $70.00 approximate time 60 minutes.

Herbal or salt bath with 50 minute massage $90.00 approximate time 90 minutes.


Add a Bath

Add a relaxing soothing Herbal or salt bath to any service.

$40.00 approximate time 30 minutes.


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